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Furniture that Fits (Study)

There is no lack of shelves at my current home. This being the case, and the earlier post about need to control budget, I will ‘recycle’ the existing furniture as far as possible for the study room.

* Indicates that the furniture/item are recycled existing ones

I am probably going to just procure a new work desk for hubby, as the current one has suffered wear-and-tear, with bubbles on the wood surface. Having googled across different furniture sites and online marts, I finally found a decent table at LCF. Shall add this $457 to my budget.

Updated the flat layout:

Latest on 28 Feb 2021: I came across a promotion on Lazada, on this desk (1.8m x 1.2m) for less than $150. This saves me at least $300! Go for it!!


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