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Back . Ended . Sharing

My last post was in end-Jun – it has been a good 3.5 months since I last posted. Yes you have guessed right, the past months have been gruelling, so much so that I had no time nor energy for posts. Now I have settled down for a few weeks already, and will start reflectingContinue reading “Back . Ended . Sharing”

Reuse Reuse Reuse

Moving into a new flat involves high expenditures. While it may be desirable to build a dream home with everything new and nice, the financial burden will be an issue which will haunt flat owners. Despite all the wishlist built up over time, I am going to split them between essentials and good-to-haves. It isContinue reading “Reuse Reuse Reuse”

Water Hot, Cold, Filtered

My Mom would boil water, leave to cool, to make it consumable… Kill germs? Tap water in Singapore is fit for direct consumption, but we still want to play safe. At my own home, I am using the Advante Water Filtration System H20 Plus, which has a big water tank on top, and both hotContinue reading “Water Hot, Cold, Filtered”

Buy furniture online – Cheaper? Quality?

One main intent of this blog, is to track the plans and furniture selection. Recent online sales did contain many cheaper alternatives: Sofa at $650 – Also noted the price for study table increased: New budget: Metal cat-proof gate: $1200 Living room sofa: $650 Living room TV console: $725 Living room PRISM TV: $1699 Altar:Continue reading “Buy furniture online – Cheaper? Quality?”

Furniture that Fits (Study)

There is no lack of shelves at my current home. This being the case, and the earlier post about need to control budget, I will ‘recycle’ the existing furniture as far as possible for the study room. I am probably going to just procure a new work desk for hubby, as the current one hasContinue reading “Furniture that Fits (Study)”

Furniture that Fits (Dining)

Between living room and dining area, we will put the altar for prayers. Hubby will need a big-enough altar for gods as well as ancestors – can take reference from this one: A 4-feet altar is about 1.22m, the size of that wall behind the shelter should suffice. Next up, the dining table. My earlierContinue reading “Furniture that Fits (Dining)”

Furniture that Fits (Living Room)

More specific measurements are used in my selections henceforth. Though I realised that the HDB brochure did not come with any measurements, I estimated it using the scale inside the brochure. Something like that: This is really important, as I can now drill down to which specific furniture to buy. Take the TV console forContinue reading “Furniture that Fits (Living Room)”