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Alkaff Oasis

BTO launched in Feb 2016

Latest from the Blog

Pineapple, rice and tea

On the auspicious day and time, it is the Door Opening ceremony! Armed with a fat pineapple, some fruits, a bag of 5kg white rice, salt, Chinese tea leaves, we opened the main gate and door together, and rolled the pineapple across the living room with a “Huat Ah”! It is the first time we…

Start → Key Collection

Yes we finally got the NOTICE TO COLLECT KEYS TO NEW FLAT email from HDB, in mid-Jul 2021. The delay of 7 months due to COVID-19 is unforeseen, fortunately my family was not in the rush to move, and the delay might have helped to jack up the resale price for my old flat. 🤑 …

Back . Ended . Sharing

My last post was in end-Jun – it has been a good 3.5 months since I last posted. Yes you have guessed right, the past months have been gruelling, so much so that I had no time nor energy for posts. Now I have settled down for a few weeks already, and will start reflecting…

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