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Furniture that Fits (Living Room)

More specific measurements are used in my selections henceforth. Though I realised that the HDB brochure did not come with any measurements, I estimated it using the scale inside the brochure. Something like that:

This is really important, as I can now drill down to which specific furniture to buy. Take the TV console for example – I now know that the wall can only hold up to 3m long TV console. Given that I am eyeing the PRISM TV, most likely the Q75, I must make sure that the TV console also has enough space to fit in a 1.7m long TV.

Looking through my favourite furniture mall IKEA, there is a nice TV console which is just nice at 3m long, and has 1.8m long space to fit my PRISM TV. This console can also address my earlier need for a glass cabinet to display items (eg those fengshui stuff, liquor, etc). The only down-side of IKEA furniture, is the need to self-assemble. For this TV storage, it costs almost $130 for assembly services, not really worth it. Maybe I will assemble it myself then.

Along the same line, I will also source for an L-shaped sofa which is within the 3m limit. I really like the Castlery furniture, maybe due to their online catalogue which really touches on the needs of users. Below are some options scouted, based on the 3m wall length for placing the sofa. The IKEA one does look nice, but it should likely come with additional costs for delivery and assembly, amounting to maybe $200. Or maybe I should consider the fullhouse sofa, and see what other furniture I can get from fullhouse, to negotiate for free delivery.


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