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Buy furniture online – Cheaper? Quality?

One main intent of this blog, is to track the plans and furniture selection. Recent online sales did contain many cheaper alternatives:

Sofa at $650 –

Also noted the price for study table increased:

New budget:

  1. Metal cat-proof gate: $1200
  2. Living room sofa: $650
  3. Living room TV console: $725
  4. Living room PRISM TV: $1699
  5. Altar: $730
  6. Dining table + seating: $1329 + $329
  7. Study table: $157

Total: $6819

Noting that there is a showroom for the sofa, perhaps I can pay a visit to check out the quality of this cheaper option, and see whether there are other alternatives for dining table, TV console, and even furniture for bedrooms.


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